Cooling Service Plan

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We protect central air conditioning systems with a plan that covers 28 system components. During the life of the agreement, we will repair or replace, at no charge to the customer, any of the following parts that may become defective due to normal wear and tear.

Cooling Service Plan Coverage

  1. Blower belt
  2. Blower motor (to ¾ HP)
  3. Blower pulley
  4. Blower shaft
  5. Coil drain pan
  6. Condensate drain
  7. Condensate pump
  8. Contactor
  9. Crankcase heater
  10. Expansion valve
  11. Fan relay
  12. Freeze control
  13. Refrigerant (5 lbs. max.)
  14. High pressure control
  15. Indoor coil
  1. Low pressure control
  2. Metering device
  3. Outdoor coil
  4. Outdoor fan
  5. Outdoor fan motor
  6. Potential relay
  7. Rain shield
  8. Run capacitor
  9. Single set sub base
  10. Start capacitor
  11. Thermostat (non-programmable)
  12. Time delay relay
  13. Transformer
  • All labor charges for covered parts are included for system repairs during normal business hours.
  • If the compressor fails under the manufacturer's warranty, it will be replaced with no labor charge.
  • Plan includes a 10% reward toward out-of-warranty compressor failure.
  • All labor repairs, after customer approval, will be billed at our normal rates for parts and labor, less 10% reward.
  • There is no charge for the usage of refrigerant recovery equipment on a compressor replacement or on refrigerant leak repairs.
  • In cases where larger than ¾ HP or special motors are required, they will be billed in the amount exceeding that of a ¾ HP motor.
  • Work performed after normal hours will be subject to a surcharge.

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