Humidifier & Dehumidifier

Keep you & your family comfortable

A central humidifier will keep you and your family more comfortable, as well as protect your furniture and woodwork from the ravages of dry air. A humidification system can even save you money, because properly humidified air feels warmer than dry air does, so you can lower your thermostat without feeling colder. We install central humidification systems that work with your heating and/or cooling system to improve the humidity level throughout your home.

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We install systems from many manufacturers, including the following:


Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of whole-house comfort products

  • True Ease evaporative humidifiers

Aprilaire whole-house humidifiers were introduced in 1954.

  • Whole –House humidification systems
  • Automatic Digital Humidifier
  • Monitor Outdoor temperature
  • Monitor indoor humidity levels
  • Delivers troubleshooting and maintenance reminders

Nortec Steam

  • High capacity for applications where maintaining indoor relative humidity is critical

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